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Monthly Membership

The PSR monthly membership is changing the way families that have athletes think about recruiting. We are bringing something unique to the industry by catering to the athletes needs while giving them a true social experience. The first 7 days of your membership will be free. 

PSR University

Our upgraded library of recruiting tips will put you on an immediate path to success. Players and parents will have the ability to review content that will help players with etiquette, 

Webinars with College Coaches and Professional Scouts

Prime Scouting and Recruiting takes pride on building personal relationships with college coaches as well as professional scouts. The webinars will host a wealth of knowledge about the current state of the sports industry and how athletes and parents can prepare for the world of sports. 

Zoom Calls with Top Recruited Athletes

We will interview many of the top players in the country and get the inside scoop of their recruiting experience. These players will recommend the top events to attend along with providing tips on how to improve as a player. 

Social Hour With College Coaches

Members can chat will college coaches live during social hour. Many coaches have agreed to give up some of their free time in order to give knowledge directly to the athletes. This will also be a great opportunity for players to introduce themselves to coaches and build a personal relationship. 

Access to Forum

The Prime Forum will be filled with showcases to attend as well as College Coaches having the ability to post their needs for their rosters. Get the insight on colleges that need help filling their roster. JUCO transfers will be able to benefit from this feature as well. In addition we will add showcases and events to attend that can help with your recruitment. 

Email Templates

Gain access to several done for you email templates that can be emailed to college coaches. 

Player Locker Room

Players will have a full one page profile where they will be able to add up to 3 highlight or personal videos to their profile. Players will be able to share their locker room profile with college coaches.


Players and Parent will be subjected to one half hour phone call per month where questions can be answered. Our consultants take pride in guiding our young men and women in the right direction when it comes to their future. 

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